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Care & Industry together against CORONA

The European platform ‘Care & Industry together against CORONA’ aims to be a reliable online place where needs & solutions can be matched. To ensure the reliability of information, E.E.N. support offices will screen and validate registrations before they will be made visible on the website.

So a clear and concise organisation description AND at least one clear marketplace item to raise your visibility on this platform is of the utmost importance!

You always can contact your regional E.E.N. support office for help if required.

In the itemised steps provided below, you will find the MANDATORY information which must be described:

1. ‘Organisation Description’

    • General description and your link to the healthcare sector and/or COVID-19
    • Range of activities
    • Track record and expertise
    • Quality standards if applicable

    2. ‘Marketplace item’

    The description has to be clear and related to the theme of the platform. For each ‘Marketplace item’, you have to name your target group. Make a smart choice and tick at least one but no more than 3 thematics.
    Overall, items must demonstrate relevance to address COVID-19 crisis and contribute to the three main objectives of the platform 1. Gather and showcase initiatives, offers and needs in the short term;
    2. Foster interaction between healthcare, industry, support organisations, government, academia and others;
    3. Maximise the reliability of the proposals.

    • Product - offer
      • Prototype or on the market?
      • Product certified or not?
      • Proof of evidence or not?
      • Existing product in the organisation's usual range or specifically developed against corona?
      • Quality standards and availability of the product
    • Product - request
      • Healthcare domain
      • Description of which real need
    • Service - offer
      • Track record and experience
      • Required approvals or standards to deliver service
      • Relevance of the service to address COVID-19 crisis
    • Service – request
      • Healthcare domain
      • Type of project development
    • Partnership (working together on the longer term)
      • Describe the goal and timing
    • Project Cooperation (short term cooperation with healthcare)
      • Describe the challenge
      • What type of partners do you need?

    3. If the organization subscribes under the topic/business field ‘Corona Measures & Support’

    • Description of the support measures and the target group
    • How to apply and deadlines
    • Do the links to the information work and are they in English or only in the language of the region?
    • Information links: are they validated by the regional government?

    4. For finalists and winners from the EUvsVirus and other EU hackathons which demonstrated a high-quality of projects.

    • Description of the Hackathon
    • What was the addressed challenge?
    • What competences are already in your team?
    • What’s the development stage of your solution?
    • Be clear and thorough in the description of the partners or expertise you’re looking for.

    Closed since 31 December 2021
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    Spain 178
    Italy 131
    Germany 88
    United Kingdom 60
    France 55
    Portugal 45
    Belgium 40
    Türkiye 38
    Poland 37
    Chile 29
    Finland 27
    Netherlands 26
    Hungary 25
    Taiwan 21
    Denmark 19
    Romania 17
    Greece 16
    Croatia 16
    Czech Republic 12
    Austria 10
    Latvia 10
    Estonia 9
    Serbia 8
    United States 8
    Switzerland 7
    North Macedonia 6
    Japan 6
    Moldova, Republic Of 5
    Sweden 5
    China 5
    Iceland 5
    Russia 5
    South Korea 5
    Bulgaria 5
    Slovakia 4
    Albania 3
    Ireland 1
    Malta 1
    Uruguay 1
    Argentina 1
    Tunisia 1
    Canada 1
    Total 992
    SME 631
    Other 87
    Large company 79
    R&D Institution 61
    University 48
    Association/Agency 29
    Care provider 22
    Hospitals 14
    EU Hackathon 10
    Authority/Government 10
    Total 991
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    Total 55708